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Hotels Ciutadella de Menorca

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Featured Hotels

Hotel Cala Blanca Sun
Hotel Cala Blanca Sun ***
Ciutadella de Menorca
Of particular note are the panoramic views of the garden and of the swimming pool. We offer Breakfast Service and Dinner Service. The following credits cards are accepted...
From 83,79 €/Night
Hotel Princesa Playa Son Xoriguer
Hotel Princesa Playa Son Xoriguer ****
Ciutadella de Menorca
Services: This family-friendly beach hotel is located 11 km from Ciutadella, 800 metres from the marina and tourist centre Cala'n Bosch and only 300 metres from the beach of...
From 46,36 €/Night
Apartamentos Sol Ponent
Apartamentos Sol Ponent LL
Ciutadella de Menorca
Front line complex on the cliffs, just 20m from the sea. The Sol Ponent Apartments are located only 20m from the Clot de sa Cera. This is a well known, small cove located...
From 24,23 €/Night
Hotel La Quinta Resort & SPA
Hotel La Quinta Resort & SPA *****
Ciutadella de Menorca
The PORTBLUE LA QUINTA HOTEL & SPA - 5* is the perfect place for anyone looking to spend a refreshing holiday far from the daily grind. Of particular note are the panoramic...
From 106,26 €/Night

MAP HOTELS Ciutadella de Menorca

List of Hotels Ciutadella de Menorca

Apartamentos Ann Mar L
Apartamentos Arrixaca
Apartamentos Biniforcat LL
Apartamentos Blancala LL
From 21,13 €/Night
Apartamentos Cabo de Baños LLL
From 13,60 €/Night
Apartamentos Cala Blanca LL
From 25,71 €/Night
Apartamentos Cala Morell L
Apartamentos Cales de Ponent L
From 26,96 €/Night
Apartamentos California Ciutadella *
From 28,66 €/Night
Apartamentos Carema Siesta Playa LLL
From 58,00 €/Night
Apartamentos Casa del Mediterraneo ****
Apartamentos Cel Blau L
From 39,25 €/Night
Apartamentos Club Ciudadela LLL
From 30,59 €/Night
Apartamentos Es Brucs LLL
From 53,84 €/Night
Apartamentos Fiesta Park L
Apartamentos Flora Garden L
Apartamentos Grupotel Tamariscos LLL
Apartamentos HI Binimar LL
From 40,00 €/Night
Apartamentos Las Brisas I & II L
From 21,59 €/Night
Apartamentos Las Dianas *
From 22,03 €/Night
Apartamentos Las Dianas II L
From 25,88 €/Night
Apartamentos Llebeig L
From 25,27 €/Night
Apartamentos Los Lentiscos LL
From 14,09 €/Night
Apartamentos Mar Blanca L
Apartamentos Mar y Mar Nature L
From 38,86 €/Night
Apartamentos Maribel Menorca
From 22,03 €/Night
Apartamentos Marina Cala'n Bosch L
From 30,91 €/Night
Apartamentos Menorcamar
From 44,24 €/Night
Apartamentos Nature Bon Repos *
Apartamentos Oliveres I-II
From 105,77 €/Night
Apartamentos Park Garden **
Apartamentos Piscis Cala Blanca L
From 42,10 €/Night
Apartamentos Playa Blanca L
From 18,87 €/Night
Apartamentos Roc Lago Park L
From 32,71 €/Night
Apartamentos Roc Oasis Park LL
Apartamentos Rymar LL
Apartamentos Sa Cala L
From 12,61 €/Night
Apartamentos Sa Caleta L
From 31,52 €/Night
Apartamentos Sa Cornisa LLL
Apartamentos Sa Punta L
From 28,22 €/Night
Apartamentos Sa Torreta
From 78,75 €/Night
Apartamentos Ses Anneres Tur
From 31,45 €/Night
Apartamentos Sol Ponent LL
From 24,23 €/Night
Apartamentos Son Blanc **
Apartamentos Vista Blanes LL
From 23,28 €/Night
Apartamentos Vista Picas LLL
From 23,71 €/Night
Apartamentos Vista Playa LL
From 39,56 €/Night
Apartamentos Voramar Cala'n Forcat LLL
From 26,49 €/Night
Apartamentos Windrose LL
From 76,99 €/Night
Aparthotel Blanc Palace ****
From 32,46 €/Night
Aparthotel Casas del Lago ****
From 61,10 €/Night
Aparthotel Club Andría ***
From 16,66 €/Night
Aparthotel Entreplayas ****
Aparthotel Grupotel Aldea ***
From 73,12 €/Night
Aparthotel Grupotel Club Turquesa Mar ****
From 115,29 €/Night
Aparthotel Grupotel Macarella Suite SPA ****
From 62,22 €/Night
Aparthotel Grupotel Playa Club ****
From 64,06 €/Night
Aparthotel Paradise Club & SPA ****
From 39,61 €/Night
Aparthotel Skyline Menorca
From 40,83 €/Night
Bungalows Pueblo Menorquin LLLL
From 58,28 €/Night
Bungalows Ses Malves
From 34,16 €/Night
Bungalows Solmar VV
From 41,17 €/Night
Hostal Residencia Ciutadella **
From 53,41 €/Night
Hotel Alfons III *
From 42,14 €/Night
Hotel Almirante Farragut ***
From 47,08 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Grupotel Club Menorca LLL
Hotel Apartamentos Marinda Garden ***
From 36,90 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Roc Menorca Mar *
From 33,04 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Viva Menorca ****
From 34,55 €/Night
Hotel Bahía Ciutadella **
Hotel Balear Ciutadella de Menorca *
From 30,06 €/Night
Hotel Cala Blanca Sun ***
From 83,79 €/Night
Hotel Cala Bona - Mar Blava *
From 34,30 €/Night
Hotel Cala'n Bosch ***
From 68,82 €/Night
Hotel Can Faustino *****
From 130,80 €/Night
Hotel Casas del Lago ****
From 58,02 €/Night
Hotel Geminis **
From 46,54 €/Night
Hotel Globales Cala'n Blanes ***
From 54,96 €/Night
Hotel Globales Mediterrani ***
From 53,35 €/Night
Hotel HLG Esmeralda ***
Hotel La Quinta Resort & SPA *****
From 106,26 €/Night
Hotel Los Delfines Cala'n Forcat **
From 63,37 €/Night
Hotel Madrid Ciutadella *
From 35,06 €/Night
Hotel Menorca Patricia ***
From 44,24 €/Night
Hotel Menorca Sea Club ****
From 35,35 €/Night
Hotel Nuramar Resort ****
From 40,27 €/Night
Hotel Playa Grande Ciutadella *
From 22,91 €/Night
Hotel Playa Santandria ***
From 41,72 €/Night
Hotel Port Ciutadella ****
From 84,09 €/Night
Hotel Princesa Playa Son Xoriguer ****
From 46,36 €/Night
Hotel Prinsotel La Caleta ***
From 44,63 €/Night
Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou *
From 82,92 €/Night
Hotel Rural Sant Ignasi *
From 99,36 €/Night
Hotel Sagitario Playa ***
From 41,84 €/Night
Hotel Smartline Cala'n Bosch ***
From 71,34 €/Night
Hotel Sol Falcó ***
From 117,02 €/Night
Hotel Sun Cala Blanca
From 94,02 €/Night
Hotel Valentín Star ****
From 62,56 €/Night
Residencia El Claustre ***
From 23,96 €/Night
Villa King
From 145,26 €/Night
Villa Menorcahome32 ***
Villa Menorcahome34 ***
Villa Ses Carpinyetes ****
Villas Amarillas LLL
From 59,32 €/Night
Villas Begonias VV
From 77,61 €/Night
Villas Cala Blanca VV
Villas Cala Morell
Villas Cala'n Bosch ***
From 52,35 €/Night
Villas del Lago
From 85,72 €/Night
Villas Estrellas LL
Villas Geisan LLL
From 67,62 €/Night
Villas Maribel *
From 22,82 €/Night
Villas Marinda ***
Villas Ses Abeurades LLL
Villas Yucas L
From 64,12 €/Night
Villas Zona Cala'n Blanes ***
From 103,62 €/Night
Villas Zona Cala'n Bosch *
From 52,53 €/Night



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