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Hotels Playa de Palma

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Featured Hotels

Hotel Palma Bay Club
Hotel Palma Bay Club ***
Playa de Palma
Services: This popular holiday hotel is situated in a quiet part of El Arenal on more than 23,000 m2 of pools and garden, just 350 m from the renowned sandy beach. The famous...
From 35,19 €/Night
Hotel Iberostar Royal Playa de Palma
Hotel Iberostar Royal Playa de Palma ****
Playa de Palma
Right beside the beach, set back from the seafront promenade, at the beginning of Playa de Palma.Comfortable rooms with carpet, telephone, safety deposit boxes, satellite TV,...
From 89,11 €/Night
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Park
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Park ****
Playa de Palma
Services: This magnificent hotel, housed in a traditional Majorcan structure and surrounded by beautiful gardens, is very nicely located in the centre of Playa de Palma and...
From 59,57 €/Night
Hotel RIU Concordia
Hotel RIU Concordia ***
Playa de Palma
Services: Located in the tourist area of Playa de Palma, this modern hotel is within a 5-minute walk from the nearest beach and the promenade. The town centre with its shops,...
From 95,08 €/Night

MAP HOTELS Playa de Palma

List of Hotels Playa de Palma

Apartamentos Ben Hur ***
From 67,63 €/Night
Apartamentos Mix Bahia Real LLL
From 44,56 €/Night
Apartamentos Orlando LLL
Apartamentos Pamplona Playa de Palma ***
From 83,63 €/Night
Apartamentos Pil-lari Playa LL
Apartamentos Plaza Son Rigo ***
From 53,40 €/Night
Apartamentos Tres Torres LL
From 100,17 €/Night
Aparthotel Fontanellas Playa ****
From 52,52 €/Night
Hostal Mar del Plata *
Hostal Peru Playa **
From 32,67 €/Night
Hostal Poroca *
Hotel Alejandría ***
From 38,64 €/Night
Hotel Ambos Mundos Playa de Palma ***
From 78,64 €/Night
Hotel Aya ***
From 62,53 €/Night
Hotel Ayron Park ***
From 61,53 €/Night
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Park ****
From 59,57 €/Night
Hotel Boreal & Condor ***
Hotel BQ Carmen Playa ***
Hotel Caballero ***
From 60,40 €/Night
Hotel Cosmopolitan Playa de Palma ***
From 79,37 €/Night
Hotel Cristobal Colón ***
From 76,87 €/Night
Hotel Don Miguel Playa **
From 48,30 €/Night
Hotel Dunas Blancas ***
From 46,55 €/Night
Hotel Encant ***
From 44,07 €/Night
Hotel Fergus Capi Playa ***
From 47,54 €/Night
Hotel Fergus Géminis ***
From 35,24 €/Night
Hotel Garonda ****
From 131,40 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Acapulco Playa ****
From 63,69 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Orient ***
From 80,20 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Playa de Palma Suite & SPA ****
From 280,36 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Taurus Park ****
From 69,00 €/Night
Hotel Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma
From 84,86 €/Night
Hotel Hispania Playa de Palma ***
From 79,31 €/Night
Hotel HM Balanguera Beach
From 90,39 €/Night
Hotel HM Gran Fiesta ****
From 64,33 €/Night
Hotel HM Tropical ***
From 64,33 €/Night
Hotel HSM Golden Playa ****
From 77,07 €/Night
Hotel HSM Venus Playa ***
Hotel Iberostar Bahía de Palma ***
From 57,73 €/Night
Hotel Iberostar Cristina ****
From 47,28 €/Night
Hotel Iberostar Royal Playa de Palma ****
From 89,11 €/Night
Hotel Iris Playa de Palma ***
From 36,72 €/Night
Hotel Kontiki Playa ***
Hotel Leblon *
From 15,61 €/Night
Hotel Leman ****
Hotel Llaut Palace
From 106,00 €/Night
Hotel Mac Paradiso Garden ***
From 66,34 €/Night
Hotel Marina Playa de Palma ***
Hotel Metropolitan Playa ***
From 49,28 €/Night
Hotel Negresco ***
From 94,78 €/Night
Hotel Neptuno Playa de Palma ****
From 85,54 €/Night
Hotel Nets **
From 49,65 €/Night
Hotel Oleander ***
From 57,76 €/Night
Hotel Pabisa Chico ***
From 118,33 €/Night
Hotel Pabisa Sofía ***
From 61,76 €/Night
Hotel Palma Bay Club ***
From 35,19 €/Night
Hotel Palma Playa ***
From 33,10 €/Night
Hotel Pamplona
From 77,76 €/Night
Hotel Piñero Bahia Park ***
Hotel Playa Golf ****
From 115,72 €/Night
Hotel Playa Grande *
Hotel Príncipe Playa de Palma ***
From 76,83 €/Night
Hotel Raxa *
From 29,18 €/Night
Hotel RIU Bravo ****
From 104,64 €/Night
Hotel RIU Concordia ***
From 95,08 €/Night
Hotel RIU Festival ****
From 93,82 €/Night
Hotel RIU Playa Park ***
From 83,16 €/Night
Hotel RIU San Francisco ****
From 69,49 €/Night
Hotel Riviera Playa ***
From 60,65 €/Night
Hotel Sahara / Nubia / Gobi (Anexo Palma Bay Club) **
From 49,27 €/Night
Hotel Sant Jordi Playa de Palma ***
From 53,54 €/Night
Hotel Sol de Mallorca **
Hotel THB María Isabel ***
From 61,06 €/Night
Hotel Timor ***
From 70,37 €/Night
Hotel Vista Odín ***
From 50,21 €/Night



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