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Hotels Playa de Palma

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Featured Hotels

Hotel Palma Bay Club
Hotel Palma Bay Club ***
Playa de Palma
Services: This popular holiday hotel is situated in a quiet part of El Arenal on more than 23,000 m2 of pools and garden, just 350 m from the renowned sandy beach. The famous...
From 35,19 €/Night
Hotel Iberostar Royal Playa de Palma
Hotel Iberostar Royal Playa de Palma ****
Playa de Palma
From 123,51 €/Night
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Park
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Park ****
Playa de Palma
Services: This magnificent hotel, housed in a traditional Majorcan structure and surrounded by beautiful gardens, is very nicely located in the centre of Playa de Palma and...
From 59,57 €/Night
Hotel RIU Concordia
Hotel RIU Concordia ***
Playa de Palma
Services: Located in the tourist area of Playa de Palma, this modern hotel is within a 5-minute walk from the nearest beach and the promenade. The town centre with its shops,...
From 103,10 €/Night

MAP HOTELS Playa de Palma

List of Hotels Playa de Palma

Apartamentos Ben Hur ***
Apartamentos Mix Bahia Real LLL
From 44,56 €/Night
Apartamentos Orlando LLL
Apartamentos Pamplona Playa de Palma ***
From 84,64 €/Night
Apartamentos Pil-lari Playa LL
Apartamentos Plaza Son Rigo ***
From 53,40 €/Night
Apartamentos Tres Torres LL
Aparthotel Fontanellas Playa ****
From 54,14 €/Night
Hostal Mar del Plata *
Hostal Peru Playa **
From 32,67 €/Night
Hostal Poroca *
Hotel Alejandría ***
From 38,64 €/Night
Hotel Ambos Mundos Playa de Palma ***
From 78,64 €/Night
Hotel Aya ***
From 62,53 €/Night
Hotel Ayron Park ***
From 61,53 €/Night
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Park ****
From 59,57 €/Night
Hotel Boreal & Condor ***
Hotel BQ Carmen Playa ***
Hotel Caballero ***
From 60,40 €/Night
Hotel Cosmopolitan Playa de Palma ***
From 79,37 €/Night
Hotel Cristobal Colón ***
From 76,87 €/Night
Hotel Don Miguel Playa **
From 48,30 €/Night
Hotel Dunas Blancas ***
From 46,55 €/Night
Hotel Encant ***
From 44,07 €/Night
Hotel Fergus Capi Playa ***
From 47,54 €/Night
Hotel Fergus Géminis ***
From 35,24 €/Night
Hotel Garonda ****
From 137,34 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Acapulco Playa ****
From 63,69 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Orient ***
From 80,20 €/Night
Hotel Grupotel Playa de Palma Suite & SPA ****
Hotel Grupotel Taurus Park ****
From 69,00 €/Night
Hotel Hispania Playa de Palma ***
From 79,31 €/Night
Hotel HM Balanguera Beach
From 108,48 €/Night
Hotel HM Gran Fiesta ****
From 64,33 €/Night
Hotel HM Tropical ***
From 64,33 €/Night
Hotel HSM Golden Playa ****
From 103,23 €/Night
Hotel HSM Venus Playa ***
Hotel Iberostar Bahía de Palma ***
From 57,73 €/Night
Hotel Iberostar Cristina ****
From 47,28 €/Night
Hotel Iberostar Royal Playa de Palma ****
From 123,51 €/Night
Hotel Iris Playa de Palma ***
From 36,72 €/Night
Hotel Kontiki Playa ***
Hotel Leblon *
From 15,61 €/Night
Hotel Leman ****
Hotel Llaut Palace
From 166,54 €/Night
Hotel Mac Paradiso Garden ***
From 66,34 €/Night
Hotel Marina Playa de Palma ***
Hotel Metropolitan Playa ***
From 49,28 €/Night
Hotel Negresco ***
From 94,78 €/Night
Hotel Neptuno Playa de Palma ****
From 85,54 €/Night
Hotel Nets **
From 49,65 €/Night
Hotel Oleander ***
From 57,76 €/Night
Hotel Pabisa Chico ***
From 137,93 €/Night
Hotel Pabisa Sofía ***
From 61,76 €/Night
Hotel Palma Bay Club ***
From 35,19 €/Night
Hotel Palma Playa ***
From 33,10 €/Night
Hotel Pamplona
From 77,76 €/Night
Hotel Piñero Bahia Park ***
Hotel Playa Golf ****
From 151,91 €/Night
Hotel Playa Grande *
Hotel Príncipe Playa de Palma ***
From 126,17 €/Night
Hotel Raxa *
From 29,18 €/Night
Hotel RIU Bravo ****
From 140,22 €/Night
Hotel RIU Concordia ***
From 103,10 €/Night
Hotel RIU Festival ****
From 107,07 €/Night
Hotel RIU Playa Park ***
From 85,55 €/Night
Hotel RIU San Francisco ****
From 150,68 €/Night
Hotel Riviera Playa ***
From 60,65 €/Night
Hotel Sahara / Nubia / Gobi (Anexo Palma Bay Club) **
From 52,72 €/Night
Hotel Sant Jordi Playa de Palma ***
From 53,54 €/Night
Hotel Sol de Mallorca **
Hotel THB María Isabel ***
From 61,64 €/Night
Hotel Timor ***
From 70,37 €/Night
Hotel Vista Odín ***
From 50,21 €/Night



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