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Hotels San Antonio de Portmany

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Hotel Fiesta Tanit
Hotel Fiesta Tanit ***
San Antonio de Portmany
Services: This attractive hotel is set amidst peaceful surroundings, on the lively island of Ibiza. The hotel is located just a few steps away from the stunning beach of...
From 71,67 €/Night
Hotel Orosol
Hotel Orosol *
San Antonio de Portmany
Hostal Valencia San Antonio
Hostal Valencia San Antonio **
San Antonio de Portmany
Hotel Pikes Ibiza Rocks House
Hotel Pikes Ibiza Rocks House *****
San Antonio de Portmany

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List of Hotels San Antonio de Portmany

Apartamentos Alba LL
Apartamentos Arcomar L
From 39,89 €/Night
Apartamentos Azuline Costa Mar LL
From 119,37 €/Night
Apartamentos Bahía de San Antonio LL
From 37,79 €/Night
Apartamentos Blue Star San Antonio LL
From 22,80 €/Night
Apartamentos Casa María LL
From 54,46 €/Night
Apartamentos Central Park **
From 20,27 €/Night
Apartamentos Club Maritim LL
From 29,82 €/Night
Apartamentos Confort Plaza L
Apartamentos El Coto San Antonio LL
From 37,95 €/Night
Apartamentos Fleming 50 LL
From 61,07 €/Night
Apartamentos Formentera LL
From 39,48 €/Night
Apartamentos Ibiza Rocks ***
From 63,08 €/Night
Apartamentos Jovial L
From 43,59 €/Night
Apartamentos La Kiki Blau Parc LL
From 26,12 €/Night
Apartamentos Los Angeles LL
From 38,93 €/Night
Apartamentos Mar i Vent L
From 43,85 €/Night
Apartamentos Marian LL
From 54,53 €/Night
Apartamentos Marina Palace Prestige LLL
From 55,59 €/Night
Apartamentos Mestret L
From 117,84 €/Night
Apartamentos Orosol II L
Apartamentos Orvay **
Apartamentos Playa Bella LL
From 42,67 €/Night
Apartamentos Poniente Playa LL
From 37,19 €/Night
Apartamentos Puerto de San Antonio *
From 37,87 €/Night
Apartamentos Sa Clau L
From 34,91 €/Night
Apartamentos San Antonio Beach
From 42,27 €/Night
Apartamentos San Francisco San Antonio L
From 43,24 €/Night
Apartamentos Ses Fontanellas
Apartamentos Sol Bay L
From 34,80 €/Night
Apartamentos Solymar San Antonio LL
From 23,86 €/Night
Apartamentos Sunshine LL
From 38,31 €/Night
Apartamentos The Beach Star Ibiza LL
From 65,59 €/Night
Apartamentos Torrent Bay L
From 41,37 €/Night
Apartamentos Tramuntana L
From 37,74 €/Night
Apartamentos Xaloc LL
From 39,15 €/Night
Apartamentos Young & Party LL
Apartamentos Zodiac San Antonio L
From 35,65 €/Night
Aparthotel Blau Parc ****
From 62,90 €/Night
Aparthotel Don Pepe **
From 34,74 €/Night
Aparthotel Marina Playa LLL
From 54,93 €/Night
Aparthotel Monterrey LL
From 36,68 €/Night
Aparthotel Nereida ***
From 51,75 €/Night
Aparthotel Reco des Sol ***
From 37,19 €/Night
Aparthotel Rosamar ***
From 75,33 €/Night
Bungalows Vistabella Ibiza LLL
Complejo San Remo - S'Estanyol ***
From 32,02 €/Night
Estudios Excelsior *
From 32,09 €/Night
Estudios Tropicana LLL
From 31,90 €/Night
Hostal Adelino *
From 36,72 €/Night
Hostal Alicante *
From 30,16 €/Night
Hostal Anibal **
From 28,31 €/Night
Hostal Balearic
From 47,79 €/Night
Hostal Cervantes *
Hostal Don Juan *
Hostal Ferrer *
From 25,93 €/Night
Hostal Florencio *
From 22,68 €/Night
Hostal Horizonte *
Hostal Ibiza Rocks **
From 52,83 €/Night
Hostal La Torre Ibiza
From 66,01 €/Night
Hostal Manolita *
From 52,24 €/Night
Hostal Marí **
From 34,19 €/Night
Hostal Norte **
From 79,49 €/Night
Hostal Ok San Antonio *
Hostal Picadilly **
Hostal Residencia Rita L
From 35,88 €/Night
Hostal Roca *
From 42,65 €/Night
Hostal Rosalía *
From 28,75 €/Night
Hostal Royal *
Hostal Tarba
From 33,04 €/Night
Hostal Torres *
From 64,79 €/Night
Hostal Valencia San Antonio **
Hotel Abrat ***
From 61,30 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Central City LL
From 24,97 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Coral Star ***
From 38,66 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos del Mar LL
From 25,49 €/Night
Hotel Arenal San Antonio ***
From 46,85 €/Night
Hotel Barceló Pueblo Ibiza ***
From 59,79 €/Night
Hotel Bellamar San Antonio ****
From 84,33 €/Night
Hotel Bergantín ***
From 53,38 €/Night
Hotel Brisa San Antonio **
From 30,68 €/Night
Hotel Catalina *
Hotel Club Els Pins ***
From 49,58 €/Night
Hotel Club La Sirena **
From 25,06 €/Night
Hotel Club San Marino LLL
From 30,90 €/Night
Hotel Club Stella Maris Paraiso ***
From 45,26 €/Night
Hotel Complejo Marco Polo ***
From 23,53 €/Night
Hotel Es Pla Invisa ***
From 39,22 €/Night
Hotel Fiesta Cala Gració ***
From 104,55 €/Night
Hotel Fiesta Milord ***
From 61,53 €/Night
Hotel Fiesta Rural Sa Talaia ****
From 176,29 €/Night
Hotel Fiesta Tanit ***
From 71,67 €/Night
Hotel Florida Centre **
From 23,87 €/Night
Hotel Galera *
From 31,79 €/Night
Hotel Galfi *
From 32,48 €/Night
Hotel Gran Sol San Antonio **
From 51,73 €/Night
Hotel Hawaii Ibiza ***
From 97,48 €/Night
Hotel Ibiza Rocks Club Paraíso LLL
From 34,73 €/Night
Hotel Llevant *
From 25,64 €/Night
Hotel Mar Amantis ***
From 44,44 €/Night
Hotel Marfil *
From 107,65 €/Night
Hotel Marvell Complex ***
From 53,03 €/Night
Hotel Nautilus San Antonio ****
Hotel Neptuno ***
From 45,14 €/Night
Hotel Ok Bay **
Hotel Orosol *
Hotel Osiris **
From 64,77 €/Night
Hotel Pacific San Antonio ***
From 42,73 €/Night
Hotel Palladium Palmyra ****
From 125,27 €/Night
Hotel Pikes Ibiza Rocks House *****
Hotel Piscis Park **
From 32,02 €/Night
Hotel Puchet **
From 44,83 €/Night
Hotel Riviera San Antonio ***
From 26,40 €/Night
Hotel S'Anfora **
From 32,32 €/Night
Hotel Ses Savines **
From 41,08 €/Night
Hotel Sirenis Club Aura ****
Hotel Sirenis Seaview Country Club ****
Hotel Sol Pinet Playa ***
From 67,69 €/Night
Hotel Sundown Ibiza Suites & Spa LLLL
From 139,59 €/Night
Hotel Sunset Point Sports Resort LL
Hotel Tagomago **
From 33,97 €/Night
Hotel THB Ibiza Mar **
From 32,58 €/Night
Hotel THB Naeco Ibiza
From 162,17 €/Night
Hotel THB Ocean Beach
From 91,95 €/Night
Hotel Tropical San Antonio ***
From 30,36 €/Night
Hotel Vedra San Antonio *
Pensión Marino
The Blue Apartments By Ibiza Feelings L
From 23,89 €/Night
The Purple Hostel By Ibiza Feeling *
From 42,84 €/Night
The Red Hotel by Ibiza Feeling **
From 24,45 €/Night
The White Apartment By Ibiza Feelings L
From 37,16 €/Night
Villa Ca'n Beneta *
Villa Ca'n Bernardet *
Villa Ca'n Faritzeo *
Villa Ca'n Sam *



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